The outdoor tabernacle at Meramec Retreat Center offers a spectacular view of God’s creation.  Under the roof of the tabernacle you will find stadium type seating (with backs) for over 400 people.  The tabernacle is lighted and has large ceiling fans to circulate the air on those warm summer days.

The tabernacle is built in an amphitheater style with the stage being lower the than seats.  It provides a great ability to hear and see what is being presented on stage.

Seeing a group of young people and adults alike lifting their hearts in Worship Timeworship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is a magnificent experience. Every year Jesus Camp is a place where people give their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ.  People draw close to God and each other during this special time.

Whether you are looking for an established camp to attend or for a place to rent to have your own camp, retreat, or event, Meramec Retreat Center offers many wonderful options.